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Aerial views of Village looking towards Canada (left) and the Korean War Veterans' Memorial Bridge (right) to Vermont.
Photos taken July 25, 2009.

Rouses Point is a thriving community on Lake Champlain and the Canadian border, with over a mile of panoramic views of the lake and the Green Mountains, beautiful residential neighborhoods, and commercial and industrial opportunity. Rouses Point has always been a transportation crossroads, first as a ferry, railroad, and barge canal center, and now as a gateway to New York State from Vermont and Canada.   As a Municipal Electric community, Rouses Point offers its residents and businesses extremely low electric rates

Revitalization Planning

In 2006, the Village of Rouses Point developed a Downtown and Waterfront Revitalization Plan to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Lake Champlain shoreline for residents and visitors alike.  Since that time, the Village has constructed a scenic pier and shoreline walkway, as well as improvements to the boat launch and the downtown.  The Village also developed Design Guidelines for the downtown and waterfront to assist property owners and developers as they renovate or construct buildings. 

Rouses Point joined with The Development Corporation of Clinton County to draft a Comprehensive Redevelopment Strategy for vacant and underutilized parcels within the Village's municipal electric franchise boundary. 
The Comprehensive Redevelopment Strategy contains valuable information for businesses interested in locating in Rouses Point.

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For more information on living or working in Rouses Point, please contact Steven Peters, Revitalization Project Manager at (518) 297-5502, ext. 333 or